Ecocem’s Marketing Manager on her journey “From College Intern to Marketing Manager”

By Andrew McGrane , 26 August 2016 in Careers

Sitting in my 10am double lecture on global strategic management on a gloomy Wednesday morning, all I could think about was getting to the end of semester and starting my summer. However my summer plans changed that day after a visit from the straight talking eccentric year head Eoghan O’Grady and the work placement co coordinator Stacy McCarthy.  In order to pass our third year in BSc in Business and Management in Dublin Institute of Technology we were required to take on a six month summer work placement.

Having a father in the construction industry came in handy, he was my first port of call when trying to find a placement I could learn from and enjoy.   “I’ve gotten you a job in a really great company that are going to be the best in the industry”, Oh great this is going to brilliant I thought to myself until he dropped the C word – “a CEMENT company, please dad no!”.

Safe to say my enthusiasm for this 6 month placement had diminished rapidly. I agreed to go for the interview and if I didn’t like it I would look for something else. As we all know parents are always right and to this day going for that interview was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Arriving in Eastpoint Office Park, I was taken aback by the ultra-modern office. Meeting me that day was the Managing director, Conor O’Riain and the marketing manager at the time. I was shocked to be greeted by two young, vibrant, enthusiastic cement marketeers. My ability to be adaptable and having an understanding of the industry lead me to securing my 6 month placement in Ecocem Ireland, Ireland’s premier producer of high performance low carbon cement.

My journey in Ecocem started as a marketing intern helping in any way I can and trying to learn the ropes. Half way through my internship,  the Marketing Manager left her role, leaving me to take the reigns of the marketing department in the interim before a new manager was hired. Talk about being thrown in at the deep end! The work ethic and enthusiasm I had shown throughout my internship meant the Managing Director was happy for me to act as Marketing Manager for the rest of my time at Ecocem.

The appointment came as the biggest shock to me but I was happy to take on the challenge. At the stage we had booked in four trade shows, needed to update all the marketing material and were half way through organising a conference. Determined to finish these tasks as well as manage the budget, attend conferences and implement the strategy I was able to write a strong placement handbook for examination on my return to Dublin Institute of Technology, guaranteeing my A grade.

Final year in college saw thesis, tantrums and tears. It was half way through the year that I became aware that Ecocem were searching for a marketing manager. This was my opportunity to reignite the belief and optimism the managing director had in me previously. After a number of interview rounds my application was successful and I was taken on as part of Ecocem’s graduate scheme as the Irish marketing manager.

24 years old, finals awaiting me and graduation on the horizon I had secured my first full time position in a global company. An entire department to put my stamp on and an intern waiting for me to manage. My Ecocem journey has lead to me expanding the brand to the UK with the launch of our first UK products along with winning a number of awards for the Irish company. I was living the young graduate dream and still am.

My time in Ecocem has been above and beyond what I ever expected or imagined. My responsibilities include Ecocem’s export markets strategies, domestic marketing strategy, re branding the Ecocem Materials group and managing the entire marketing operations of Ecocem Ireland.

I have met some incredible people and friends for life who have guided my journey and helped to develop me from an unsure intern to a well-established and respected marketing manager in the cement industry in Ireland.

Ecocem has changed my perspective on the cement industry and as an organisation we have been responsible for making cement interesting. The participative leadership style in Ecocem and mentoring from colleagues has shaped my success.

Safe to say I am very excited for what lies ahead on my Ecocem Journey. I may not have known much when i started in Ecocem but in the words of Harry F. Banks:

For success, attitude is equally as important as ability. 

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