What is Ecocem (GGBS)

Ecocem (GGBS) is a high performance alternative to traditional cement that will increase the technical performance of your application, improve its appearance and minimize its environmental impact.

GGBS is an acronym for Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag, a by-product from the manufacture of Iron. Ecocem GGBS is used in combination with Portland cement to produce superior longer lasting concrete. A replacement rate of up to 70% is permitted by I.S EN 206-1. Ecocem GGBS is an industrial by product that is diverted from landfill and up-cycled into a commodity product. On exiting the iron processing system, molten blastfurnace slag is rapidly quenched with water to form Granulated Blastfurnace Slag (GBS). Ecocem GGBS is produced by drying and grinding the GBS at our milling plant in Dublin.

Ecocem (GGBS) will improve performance in any situation, from housing to civil engineering applications.

Who can use Ecocem GGBS

Ecocem GGBS is suitable for the ready-mix concrete industry, precast concrete manufacturers and the mining industry and soil stabilization.


Ecocem GGBS is specified for its technical, environmental and aesthetic qualities by engineers, architects and stakeholders. Using Ecocem GGBS in concrete can extend the lifespan, prevent cracking and lower the embodied energy of a project. Ecocem (GGBS)  means a stronger and more durable finished concrete. This means it can be used in the most aggressive environments, such as exposure to chlorides and sulphites, without increasing the cement content, saving you money.

Ecocem (GGBS) is the Best Available Technology for reducing the environmental impact of your concrete. To find out more please contact our technical team.

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Sectors where Ecocem GGBS is specified