Ecocem’s long standing commitment to quality can be seen in the performance of our products and our outstanding customer service. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we operate strict procedures and work instructions for the manufacture of our products. All our products are CE marked by the National Standards Authority of Ireland.

Ecocem’s Quality Policy

Ecocem is committed to providing all customers, both internal and external, with the highest standards in products and services to satisfy their needs, and in accordance with current specifications and standards.

This is achieved by the establishment of quality objectives, all of which are regularly reviewed by management.

Ecocem has adopted a comprehensive Employee Engagement policy to ensure the continuous improvement and development of staff.

The Ecocem team support the company in meeting and exceeding this commitment, and are dedicated to the continuous improvement of the processes and objectives of the Quality Management System.

All our products are rigorously tested and conform to the EN 197 Cement standard and the EN 15167 GGBS standard. All products carry the CE mark and declarations of performance.

Copies of the company’s certifications are available on request.

Ecocem’s Employee Training and Development Policy

Ecocem Ireland aim to ensure that all staff (both direct and indirect employees) are competent on the basis of appropriate education, training, skills and experience.

All staff shall be assessed against minimum industry/appropriate levels of competence relevant to their job function, and records of their competency/authority to work shall be maintained.

The competency of each individual member of the workforce shall be confirmed prior to authorising an individual to undertake tasks that may affect the quality of product or delivery of service.

Ecocem’s Stakeholder Engagement Policy

Ecocem Ireland recognises that a wide range of stakeholders are affected, both directly and indirectly, in the acquisition and manufacture of its products. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility drive, the company is committed to engaging with, and addressing concerns from all stakeholders, including members of its local community.

– Ecocem operates with total transparency, having appointed a member of staff to deal with community liaisons and customer complaints and queries. Staff are expected to deal courteously with any contact with members of the local community. Any such contact will be directed to the Plant Manager or senior manager present and records logged of nature of queries.
– A complaints policy has been developed to address all complaints received from the local community and stakeholders, as well as any prosecutions and corrective actions taken. Records of any contact with members of the local community together with details of any action taken and any formal response are recorded.
– The company takes a proactive approach to liaising with their customers.
– The company has initiated a series of measures to engage proactively and correspondingly improve their standing in the local community which they serve, where possible utilising their expertise in helping others to become more sustainable.